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May 13, 2010

Voltaix Receives Two Recognition Awards for Safety From The New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee

Branchburg, NJ – Voltaix®, LLC, a leading manufacturer of specialty materials for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, announced today they have received two awards for outstanding safety during 2009.

These Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Recognition Awards are presented by the New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee. The first award is presented to the entire company for achieving a lost time accident rate of 3.0 or less for 2009. Voltaix also received this award for 2005 and 2007. The second award was presented to the Voltaix Production and Maintenance departments for working through 2009 with no work-related lost time or illnesses.

Safety, security, and environmental stewardship, are key values of Voltaix. By earning this award, Voltaix has distinguished itself among competitors and peers in the private and public sectors of the State of New Jersey.

“This award is the result of our employees’ sustained focus on safety each and every day.” said Mark Wilkinson, Executive Vice President of Voltaix, “I’m proud and appreciative of the Voltaix employees and in particular the Production and Maintenance groups for achieving this great accomplishment.”

About Voltaix
Voltaix is the world’s leading producer of germane, diborane, trisilane, and trimethyl boron - specialty chemicals that enhance the performance and manufacturability of semiconductors and photovoltaics. Voltaix chemicals enable logic chips to compute more quickly and solar cells to absorb a broader portion of the solar spectrum, and they improve manufacturability by minimizing defect formation and increasing machine throughput.

Utilizing exceptional expertise in silicon, germanium and boron chemistry, our products are custom designed for the most demanding applications, including:
  • Advanced DRAM computer memory
  • Silicon Germanium (SiGe) transistors for wireless communications chips
  • Strained silicon for high speed logic computer chips (CPUs)
  • Copper enabling low-K dielectrics for computer chips
  • High efficiency thin film silicon solar cells
We use proprietary synthesis, purification, and packaging technology developed in-house. We also design and build our own equipment for use in our manufacturing operations. The company, founded in 1986 and privately held, currently employs approximately 100 people at its sites in North Branch, NJ and High Springs, FL. Voltaix investors include Intel Capital and Novus Energy Partners.

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