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May 11 , 2009

Voltaix products featured in Solid State Technology Magazine cover story

Branchburg, NJ The critical role of Voltaix products in advancing semiconductor technology is highlighted in the cover story of the April issue of Solid State Technology Magazine, “Precursors for Group IV Epitaxy for Micro/Opto-electronic Applications.” The article explains how new precursors can be selected or designed to tackle processing and performance challenges posed by the trend toward decreased thermal budgets. The article contains data demonstrating the use of several innovative Voltaix products in leading-edge applications such as low temperature selective silicon epitaxy, carbon-doped Si (Si:C) deposition and germanium deposition. Using Voltaix new precursors, it is possible to maintain high throughput and yield at dramatically lower processing temperatures than are available using standard precursors. Voltaix advanced deposition precursors are critical enabling materials that will allow the manufacture of next generation semiconductor devices while improving overall cost of ownership.

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