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April 07, 2005

Voltaix Announces Expanded Production Capacity for Trimethylsilane (3MS)

North Branch, NJ - Voltaix, a leading manufacturer of chemicals and gases for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries, today announced that they have expanded production capacity for Ultra High Purity Trimethylsilane (3MS) to 25 tons annually. Plans are in place to further expand capacity to 75 tpy.

3MS is used by integrated circuit manufacturers for depositing low-k thin-film dielectric layers, such as carbon-doped silicate glass films, by plasma-enhanced CVD. The improved insulation of these layers helps to increase device speed and reduce power consumption.

Voltaix is a reliable supplier of high-quality methylsilanes and silicon tetrafluoride, which is used for depositing fluorinated silicate gas films. As the demand for these high-performance precursors increases, Voltaix has increased capacity while also improving chemical specifications and detection limits.

Voltaix offers its customers a worldwide license covering the use of Voltaix’s methylsilanes with the right to make, have made, use, and offer to sell or import electronic devices in accordance with certain licensed patents assigned to Dow Corning Corporation. Further information about Voltaix is available at

Voltaix is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high purity specialty gases and chemicals that enhance the performance of electronic and photonic devices. Its products include germane, silicon tetrafluoride, trimethylsilane (3MS), and SilcoreŽ. Voltaix deploys proprietary manufacturing technologies to provide highly consistent products tailored to increase manufacturing yields, throughput, and device performance. (SilcoreŽ is a trademark of ASM International, N.V.)
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