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March 18, 2005

Voltaix Undertakes Six Sigma Initiative to Enable Deeper Customer Relationships

North Branch, NJ - Voltaix, a leading manufacturer of chemicals and gases for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries, today announced that fifteen Voltaix employees have received Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

This training will enable deeper customer support relationships and improved product solutions for Voltaix partners, whether value-added suppliers or end users.

“Six Sigma will enable the Voltaix team to deploy problem-solving tools to improve product consistency and usability, which translates to yield and throughput improvements for our customers,” commented Dr. Matthew Stephens, Chief Operating Officer. "Yield and throughput are more important than ever, given the high capital equipment expenditures associated with 300mm wafer processing. Further, new technology integration issues drive the need for closer customer-supplier relationships.

“I would like to thank the new green belts for expressing their commitment to Improving Semiconductor PerformanceT by dedicating personal time to obtain this certification.”

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Voltaix is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high purity specialty gases and chemicals that enhance the performance of electronic and photonic devices. Its products include germane, silicon tetrafluoride, trimethyl silane (3MS), and SilcoreŽ. Voltaix deploys proprietary manufacturing technologies to provide highly consistent products tailored to increase manufacturing yields, throughput, and device performance.

SilcoreŽ is a trademark of ASM International, N.V.
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