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March 3, 2003

Voltaix Receives US Department of Transportation Exemption

Branchburg, NJ 03/03/03 — The U.S. Department of Transportation has granted to Voltaix an Exemption under certain provisions of CFR 49 pertaining to the requirements for pressure relief devices (PRD’s) incorporated in the valves of cylinders used for the transport of compressed gases for export from the U.S. Historically, the U.S. and many foreign countries have assessed differently the risks/benefits associated with the use of PRD’s, leading to inconsistent regulations. This statement applies especially to the EU, where regulatory independence has been a hallmark. Granting of this exemption by the US Department of Transportation simplifies and harmonizes the regulations under which Voltaix can conduct international trade in the flammable and toxic gases for which these regulatory differences primarily occur.

Under this exemption, Voltaix customers in Europe can now purchase gases in cylinders compliant with all their own regulatory requirements, including PRD requirements or prohibitions, without having to transfill the material into cylinders so compliant. All other DOT filling requirements, including the requirement to provide DOT approved hydrostatic testing of such cylinders, must still be met as per the Exemption. A copy of the Voltaix Exemption is available for review at (create this page?)

Voltaix is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high purity specialty gases and chemicals for emerging electronic applications. Voltaix chemicals, pure gases and gas mixtures are used in ion implantation, chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching of dielectric, semiconducting and conducting layers for manufacturing advanced semiconductor devices. Voltaix products are available worldwide both directly and through most of the major international electronic gas companies and include germane and digermane; diborane, boron trifluoride and trimethylboron; silane, disilane and trisilane; silicon tetrafluoride and germanium tetrafluoride; and a wide variety of isotopically enriched electronic specialty gases.

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