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January 22, 2007

Voltaix Supports Local Community and Volunteer Organizations

North Branch, NJ – Voltaix, a member of the Branchburg Township community for the past 20 years, is dedicated to supporting the communities in which their employees live and work. “We believe that it is important to make a difference in the communities in which we do business as part of being a good neighbor and as a socially responsible company,” said Michael Pikulin, Senior Vice President of Voltaix.

“The opportunity to return something is part of our commitment to the communities in which our employees live and work. We appreciate the support given to our company and workers by volunteer and professional organizations in Branchburg. These organizations help make Branchburg an outstanding place to live and work.”

Donations will be presented at the Township public meeting on January 22, 2007 to representatives of the local recreation, historic preservation, education, youth services, police, fire and rescue organizations. “Thank you so much for your generous offer to financially help the several volunteer organizations in Branchburg. I’m sure these organizations will be delighted to receive your contributions. Please know that the Township committee appreciates these contributions as well” wrote Kate Sarles, committeewoman and former mayor of the Township of Branchburg, Further information about Voltaix is available at

Voltaix is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, with exceptional expertise in silicon, germanium and boron chemistry. Our products are custom designed for use in the most demanding semiconductor and photovoltaic deposition applications. Products include germane, silicon tetrafluoride, trimethylsilane (3MS), and Silcore®. (Silcore® is a trademark of ASM International, N.V.)
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