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January 15, 2003

Voltaix Recognized as “Patriotic Employer” by US Department of Defense

Voltaix, a leading manufacturer of gases and chemicals, today announced that the company and its president, John P. de Neufville, have been recognized by the United States Department of Defense and the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, for contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom, by supporting employee participation in the military reserves.

John P. de Neufville said that Voltaix is proud to support its employees that are part of the National Guard and reserves. “We want to be good corporate citizens and contribute to our community in meaningful ways. The credit goes to our staff who have committed their time and energy to serve in the armed forces. This program allows us to share the talents of our employees in an effort to meet the needs of the country.”

Voltaix is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high purity specialty gases and chemicals for emerging electronic applications. Voltaix chemicals, pure gases and gas mixtures are used in ion implantation, chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching of dielectric, semiconducting and conducting layers for manufacturing advanced semiconductor devices. Voltaix products are available worldwide both directly and through most of the major international electronic gas companies and include germane and digermane; diborane, boron trifluoride and trimethylboron; silane, disilane and trisilane; silicon tetrafluoride and germanium tetrafluoride; and a wide variety of isotopically enriched electronic specialty gases.

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