All Voltaix cylinders are DOT (Department of Transportation) approved and are stamped with the cylinder type (DOT Specification), material of construction (e.g., 3AA) and service or working pressure in pounds per square inch (e.g., 2265 psi).

Our cylinders are also stamped with:
  • Date of Manufacture (which also indicates the original hydrostatic test)
  • Cylinder Serial Number
  • Registered Owner Symbol
  • Neck Ring Identification
  • Retest Markings (format for retest marking: Month-Facility-Year plus Rating-Star Stamp)
All cylinders go through a rigorous incoming inspection process and cylinder preparation process, prior to filling with our products.

Every Voltaix cylinder is clearly labeled with:
  • Voltaix® Product Label (lists DOT required contents, Hazardous Classification, UN number, CAS number, product description, dangers, safety precautions, first aid tips, and Voltaix name, address, and telephone number).
  • Appropriate DOT Labels.
  • White Cylinder Tag (attached under the cap) describing the contents, cylinder number, customer purchase order number, approximate pressure, valve outlet, indication of flow restrictor status, date filled.

Prior to shipping, all Voltaix cylinders are thoroughly inspected to prepare cylinders for shipment, including leak checking, palletizing, strapping, banding, and document preparation. Voltaix only uses carriers that are approved to handle hazardous materials.

Click here to view a PDF of our cylinder descriptions.
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